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Who is Home Rewards Concierge (HRC)?

Home Rewards Concierge (HRC) is a licensed real estate broker and subsidiary of The Suddath Companies, a $650m global transportation, relocation, and logistics organization, with a 100-year history of moving people, business, and products around the globe.

What is HRC’s real estate rewards program?

A real estate referral program that connects customers with leading, local real estate agents, provides high touch concierge support, and allows customers to earn cash-back rewards (i.e. rebate) when they buy and/or sell a home.

Is there a cost to offer or participate in HRC’s real estate rewards program?

No; there is no cost to offer or participate in the program. It is completely free!

How can you have a free program that gives money back?

HRC is a consolidator of volume. We coordinate thousands of real estate transactions across the United States and place a lot of referrals with brokers. Because of that they pay us a referral fee – a standard practice in the real estate industry know as a broker-to-broker referral. As a real estate broker ourselves, we share a portion of our referral fee with our customers in the form of a cash-back reward. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

How is the cash back reward calculated?

The cash-back reward is calculated as a percentage of the sales or purchase price. Customers can use our rewards calculator to find out how much they can earn.

How is the cash-back reward paid?

HRC sends the customer a check via regular mail. It takes approximately 2 weeks post-closing to receive cash-back reward.

What real estate agents are used for this program?

HRC works with a fully vetted and managed network of real estate brokers throughout the U.S. who specialize in Affinity and Relocation programs.

Who is the concierge?

The Concierge is an HRC employee who serves as a dedicated resource for each participating customer. They welcome customers into our program, conduct a thorough needs analysis with each customer to understand their real estate needs, place referrals with our network brokers, oversee real estate agent service delivery, and walk along side the transaction to ensure a great customer experience from start to finish. All HRC Concierges have extensive real estate and relocation industry experience.

Is the program available everywhere?

While we can refer customers to our network brokers anywhere in the U.S., there are certain states that prohibit the payments of rebates in conjunction with a real estate transaction. In states we are unable to pay a reward we can still assist customers with finding a best-in-class real estate agent and provide dedicated concierge support to ensure you get the service they deserve.

Does HRC offer any additional services besides real estate referrals?

Yes, we have relationships with other service providers, such as mortgage lenders and household goods moving companies, we can refer customers if requested. Use of these services is optional and not required to participate in our Real Estate Rewards program.

Who is eligible for the HRC real estate rewards program?

It is open to anyone in the market to buy or sell residential real estate. Whether a first-time homebuyer, trading up, downsizing, looking for the perfect vacation home or an investment opportunity, the HRC Real Estate Rewards program can help customers save money and provide a better overall experience.

I am an HR benefits manager–how can HRC help my organization?

HRC’s Real Estate Rewards program is an employee benefit that promotes financial well-being by providing cost savings and high touch support for one of life’s biggest events – all at no cost.

How can HRC help mortgage lenders?

Offering the HRC Real Estate Rewards program to your new and existing customers can help differentiate you from your competitors – promoting brand stickiness and loyalty. We work very closely with you to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

How is the HRC real estate rewards program promoted to employees, members, customers, etc.?

Our program can be promoted via a HRC hosted custom website or your own hosted website. HRC will work closely with you to identify the best method to promote the program according to your preferences and standards.

How are customers referred to HRC?

Enrollment is simple and straightforward. Customers can complete a simple enrollment form on a HRC hosted webpage or your own hosted webpage or call us on a dedicated toll-free number.

Does HRC sell its customer’s personal information?

No, we do not sell customer personal information to third parties. We only use the customer’s personal information for the sole purpose of providing referrals to our network service providers (third parties) for the services requested from the customer. These third parties are authorized to use customer personal information only as necessary to provide these services and for no other purpose.

How is the cash-back reward calculated?

The cash-back reward is calculated as a percentage of the sale or purchase price. Customers can use our rewards calculator to find out how much they can earn.